The blues in my red red heart

The blues in my red red heart

the sparkle in your eyes
I cant see the crescent anymore,
i guess it fell off your lips
And disappeared,
I wonder what made you flip

Why are you blowing away this candle?
Killing this fire,
My immortal desire,
Is it something i couldn’t handle?

Am staring at this empty enclosure
wishing i could hold you closer,
Am biting off the last bit of my nails,
Asking myself why i failed,
Failed to swim in your sea of thoughts,
Asking Why i drowned
Why i didnt hang on to the floats,
Oh! I see now!
You were rocking my boat

Why are you causing these tides?
Knocking me sideways,
I wish this pain could just go away,
I dont enjoy these fights

Am swaying to and fro,
To the tunes of blues,
The songs you play dont make me happy no more,
Just sad and blue,
Is it true?
That my pain can imbue,
through to you?
synchronizing these feelings in you?
The feelings of blues

So Why are you playing these sad tunes?
Draining life off my heart for good,
Why cant you just be the light bouncing off the moon?
The sweet smell when the Jasmines bloom?

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  1. Njeru Antony
    973 days ago

    HEY Omondi I love your work

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