Man’s three best friends; Man’s three worst enemies – Part 1

Man’s three best friends; Man’s three worst enemies  – Part 1

Secondly I need to apologize in advance for the language am going to use and any comment that might offend anyone (especially you sensitive ladies and wimps)… it’s all a matter of opinion (and like ‘they’ say, opinion is like an ass everyone has his or hers) and this is MINE.

Let’s put the record straight, all along we have been reading and hearing what men like or don’t like, What men love; 6 tips, 23 things men can’t live without, 69 ways to please a man and so on, the list is endless. I will tell you this for sure, there are no 69 ways you could please a man, nor tips that can possibly tell you how to satisfy a man; man is a simple being who lives by one rule – Get what you don’t have (at any cost). So what is man predisposed to liking? What makes a man’s life worthwhile? What makes a man pause before embarking on another endless quest? I say there are three things man cannot live without; Va-jay-jay, Food and Jomos (then again it’s my opinion), but I will tell you why these are man’s best friends and man’s worst enemies.

Va-jay-jay has been on man’s menu ever since we lived in caves and that’s why they say prostitution is the world’s oldest trade. Many a great man has fallen because of this natural trap; talk about Solomon, Cǽsar, Bill Clinton, and Marc Anthony. Talk about the stories in the Bible, the Koran, sex is there, the Gita; sex is there, talk about hell; sex is there (literally). Va-jay-jay is everywhere and it’s on man’s mind 75 percent of the time he is conscious. Several things could prove that man loves Va-jay-jay.

Ladies, ever wondered why a man could ‘stoop low’ and fuck another lady who essentially is not worth it (by not worth it I mean a woman he would never marry)? Men, ever fucked a lady and after you cum, in your mind you’re like – Fuck! why did I fuck this bitch in the first place? Answer, It’s all about Va-jay-jay; it doesn’t matter what size and shape it is; fat, flabby or wrinkled, It doesn’t matter what color it is; black, white, yellow, pink or blue-black (just wondering- what color is a Sudanese Va-jay-jay)? Ok, lets face it, if it’s wet, warm and can squeeze your dick when you cum, then it’s good to go (for any man).

We love Va-jay-jay so much we could kill for it, we could even betray some good love to have a piece of it. Ladies here’s a home run tip for you… if you can fuck him shitless, you will never have to worry much about the other woman – but just keep in mind that Man goes for what he doesn’t have (this is your savior and nightmare depending on how you want to see it). All said ladies you still need to know that all men are not the same, some would do anything for ANY Va-jay-jay and some would never have it without the full package. By full package I mean the Va-jay-jay of a woman I have undying affection for (I am trying to avoid the word love), a woman I could kiss passionately (not with eyes wide shut), a woman who doesn’t nag more often (scratch that… ain’t nothing like a woman who doesn’t nag, ya’ll are built that way), a woman I could eat her Va-jay-jay like it was insulin and am diabetic, A woman I could take to orgasmic heights not worrying about when am going to cum next, a woman I could stroke her back after all is done; in other words a woman I would never mind spending the rest of my life with; a good woman (and good is relative – some of us like her naughty-good, if you know what I mean), a woman who’s loyal.

Now, what happens when this ‘good’ woman has been supplying Va-jay-jay to her ‘man friend’ of six years (do the math)? And this is one of those men who are genetically predisposed to liking ANY Va-jay-jay? Answer; In this day and time, YOU ARE FUCKED! And you are better of fucking ANY Va-jay-jay; at least you would justify the predicament. Either way, Va-jay-jay could be bad for your health and that’s the bottom line (put this in a pipe and smoke it for a while).

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