Hues that make her

Hues that make her

Instinct and intellect,
Mixed in a divine pallet,
Then applied in fine overlapping brushstrokes,
Layer after layer;
The Great Artist must have taken His time,
Painted you with courageous patience,
Love and wisdom,
Oblivious of the slipping time,
No wonder you’re so precious,
Like a multicolored gemstone,

It never crossed my mind,
The different hues you hide,
Shades of Red;
The color of passion,
Covers your soul,
When you show affection;
The fire in your eyes,
When you’re drowning in the sea of rage,

Shades of Blue;
The color of cool,
So are your thoughts
Soothing like Jazz melodies,
Ebony hands on ivory keys;
Playing in harmony with,
Guitar strings of Wes Montgomery,
Taking away all my worries

Shades of Yellow,
Color so bright,
Making everything so right,
You paint the sun,
In this cloud covered sky,
Shinning light onto my life,
Every day and night

Shades of Green,
The color of new life,
That’s what you bring to my life,
Your thoughts so refreshing and pure,
My soul mate that’s who you are,
Taught me how to be,
enduring, true and strong,
Always correcting me when am wrong

Shades of Black,
The color of mystery
Simple yet sophisticated
African and strong,
Beautiful with a mind of your own,
Never forgetting where you came from

Photography by Laura Ferreira

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