Her Joy and Pain

Her Joy and Pain

Trapped in a cage of rage,
Everyday her life was a blank, black page,
Today she’s outspoken,
But still looks out for the omen;
The signs that her bubble’s about to burst open,
Leaving her healing, wounded heart ruptured open

Last I heard,
She’d ignored the betoken,
And fell in love with a cruel brethren,
Now her life moves on a 720˚ angle,
A path of pain and promises she cannot gain,
Pain, for her mind and soul are frail,
She tries again and again to bail,
But fails in vain

Quite often,
I remind her of her joy and pain,
Why joy and pain? I asked one day
Then she said
“Love is fantastic; We got to lick it,
And life is frantic and dramatic, but we got to live it”

Her life is a giant jigsaw puzzle,
And am the center piece,
Quite often,
She throws away this center piece,
Then recollect her broken life to make peace,
When she lives with less ease,
Knowing that her delight today,
Is not promised another day

Why waste a beautiful day,
Living a life of agony and uncertainty,
While all she ever wanted,
Was to live a life of ecstasy,
And I don’t mean the disco biscuits, cristal or hug drug
I mean the love bug

The feeling that gives you pleasure,
The strength to which no other can measure,
Am talking about the sweet symphony
Of a thousand goose bumps and butterflies,
Rhythmic heart beats and weak knees,
Am talking about affection,
Sexual sensations,
Unconditional confessions,
Gifts without special occasions
Am talking about the perfect relation

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